Make The Yuletide Gay


    The Gay themed movie is shot in a christmas background following the life of an openly Gay college student, too scared to come out to his parents.

     Gunn is busy acting the part of a closeted Gay in his home over the holidays, as his parents try to match him up with his high-school girlfriend, Abby. The situation becomes tricky when his Boyfriend, Nathan, appears on his front porch for the holidays! UNANNOUNCED! Hilariously romantic as the two love and define!

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Christopher and His Kind


      A Geoffrey Sax Gay movie is set in a 1931 scene. Christopher visits Berlin specifically for its Gay sex. He works as a teacher and cultivates an active sex life in the city.

      Handsome rent-collector Casper, is not to be spared and a fling ensues. His sexual escapades stop when he meets Heinz and does all to make the love succeed, despite their different nationalities.

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The Opposite of Sex


      Directed and written by Don Ross the gay themed movie follows the drama in a family. 16-year old girl, Deedee, pays a visit to her Gay half-brother, Bill (Martin Donovan) after an unplanned pregnancy.

      Bill, a gay teacher closeted in a conservative community suffers first hand under his visitor’s hand. Deedee comes between the gay relationship and robs Bill of his catch Matt, accusing him of her pregnancy. Sibling Rivalry turns nasty at this.

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The Big Gay Musical


      Directed by Casper Andreas/Fred M. Caruso gay themed movie. The Gay musical follows the lives of two Gay men, Paul (Daniel Robinson) and Eddie (Joey Dudding).Eddie is struggling with his sexuality, hiding it from his conservative, religious parents.

      The other, Paul, openly Gay is in a dilemma, torn between being a slut or dedicating himself to one lover. They feature in a musical in their school reflecting their own personal lives.

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Love Patient


     Written and directed by Michael Simon Love Patient Gay themed movie is a hilariously romantic movie. Successful Paul (Benjamin Lutz) is a hopeless romantic still hung up on his ex-boyfriend, Brad (John Werskey). He devises a plan to lure Brad back to his side away from Ted (Jackson palmer).

     Faking a medical report explaining a life-threatening cancer case hoping to re-ignite passion in his ex, results in a string of unexpected occurrences. His mother jumps into his life to offer medical help and strings his snoopy sister too, complicating his life further.

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The Curiosity of Chance


     Written and Directed by the reputable Rusell P. Marleau. The Gay themed movie is set out in a high-school, starring one Chance Marquis (Tad Hilgenbrink).

     Chance joins an international school and on his first day encounters the meanest high school bully who has a problem with his open sexuality. Chance has a gang of supportive friends championing against the homophobic bully. High school movies don’t come any better than this.

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Naked as We Came


    Written and produced by Richard LeMay , Naked as we came is a Gay themed movie following a dysfunctional family in the eb of their existence. The mother, Lily, of two,  Elliot and Laura is on her death bed in a distant family home when she summons her two distant children.
     She refuses to go to hospital and seeks to bridge the family after years of silence. The family has to crack open their secrets and divulge to their own. Unknown to all of them their ailing mother’s visitor has some secrets of his own some involving the handsome Elliot.

You Should Meet My Son


     Written and directed by Keith Hartman. The gay themed movie set out in a conservative peaceful home. This comical, dramatic gay themed movie like none other features a small southern family of one son.

     The loving, humble conservative mother is astounded when she discovers that her only son is Gay. She soon accepts her son’s fate and seeks to provide him with everything he needs, including a husband.

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Just One Time


      A Lane Janger gay themed movie telling a tale of an otherwise ordinary couple seeking to spice up their marriage. The sultry looking fireman pleads with his wife to bring in another lady to their bed, only to settle for the same reciprocation.
      The fiancée seeks out a new lesbian friend of hers and later gets a gay man to participate in their threesome. Their relationship gets very complicated as they start to uncover their innermost desires. A comical movie that will leave your ribs crushed!

Kinky Boots


     A fabulous Broadway sensational musical featuring the Grammy winning star Cyndi Lauper. Creative, colorful, musical and completely theatrical.

     The musical keeps you engaged all through the show and gives Glee a good run for their money.

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Jet Boy


      A Dave Schultz gay themed movie following the life of a troubled teenage kid, Nathan. Brought up by a drug-addicted mother who forces him into prostitution so as to support her addiction. Nathan soon gets tired of his life and sets out to search for his biological father.
      He hitches a ride with a drug-dealer, Boon, who sees in him an opportunity to rectify his own past. Their long journey leads them to bonding as they reveal their most intimate thoughts and dreams, having been brought up in hard situations. A truly one of a kind movie, perfectly brought out by the tale.

In The Family


     A Patrick Wang gay themed movie that clearly depicts life after a wonderful gay marriage. Set out in the town of Martin, Tennessee, it follows the life of the wonderfully married Cody and Joey with a six year old precocious son, Chip.

     Their good life is stunted after the sudden death of Cody leaving Joey as the sole father. Another bomb is dropped on the single gay father when he realizes that their son, Chip, is left under the care of Cody’s sister and not him. He struggles to fight, him and his loyal friends.

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In the Name of


A Malgorzata Szumowska gay themed film popular for their win as Best Feature Film of The Teddy Award. It follows the life of a humanitarian priest, Adm, working in rural Poland. Turning to priesthood at an age of 21, was not just as a result of his heart to help as it appears.

He works with teenage boys with behavioral problems. His real reason behind joining priesthood claws at him as he turns down Ewa’s proposals; all he stands for is threatened to exposure after meeting Lukasz. Intriguing movie depicting self-imposed lifestyle to run away from a reality.

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Dog Tags

     A Damion Dietz gay themed film popular for show-casing the military rule of “Don’t ask don’t tell”. Nate Merritt is a troubled soul abandoned as a child by his father and stuck in a seemingly bad relationship.

     He decides to join the marines to support his fiancée and mother. He has it all figured out until he meets Andy Forte. He is taken through a self-discovering rollercoaster by the free-spirited Gay Guy and ultimately to the truth behind his father’s disappearance.

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Defying Gravity


    A John Keitel gay-themed movie full of romance. Featuring a tale of Colege boys in a fraternity, the movie brings out the depths of romantic love in these young folks.
    A college fraternity with a Gay couple within their ranks is as unique as it get. Griff goes against all odds as he chooses to stick with his fully Gay boyfriend even after a gruesome Gay bashing incident.

The Comedian


     Revolver Entertainment does it ones again! The Comedian is a truly hilarious yet realistic piece following the life of an underground Gay comedian. Ed, works at a call center and moonlights in the underground comedy scenes in London chasing his dream.

     A truly vivacious young man with two lovers who adore him, his flat-mate and his current lover. “Its absolutely terrific….stunningly real” was the comment from The Guardian.

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Dirty Laundry

     Directed by Maurice Jamal. A modern-day man plays the all too common role of the prodigal son until he makes his way home. After 10 years of missing home; Patrick, a magazine writer, visits home.

     He is forced to come face to face with his traditional Southern family on his lifestyle! He finally comes out shocking his folk.

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Head On


     An Ana Kokkinos movie that follows the life of Alex Dimitriades. This Australian movie caught the public’s eye due to its raw display of nudity and explicit scenes. Hailed as one of the realest gay-themed movies ever produced.

     The 19 year old, Alex Dimitriades, goes through the all too common experience with numerous heterosexual partners including one very squeamish experience. Fast-paced, intriguing and captivating this gay-themed movie will leave you on your wits.

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Happy Together

A Kar Wai Wong master piece is a truly memorable gay-themed movie, uniquely produced. The movie follows the lives of two gay boys who take a journey and relocated to Argentina. A new land, a fresh start saw the two go through experiences unforeseen.

Yiu-Fai books a job at a tango bar and attempts to improve his life while Po-Wing’s life pales in contrasts. The two deal with the challenges of being gay in a new foreign land, dealing with their sexuality and general difference.

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Full Speed

A Gael Morel production ‘Fast Speed’ is shot in modern day France. The movie skilfully follows the lives of four teens in a French suburb.

Samir, the shy immigrant from Algeria who is recovering from loss, is disappointed by how their friendship with Rick.

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Grande Ecole

   Written and Directed by Robert Salis. The movie sets out in a college scenario with the major actors being students. Paul starts off deeply in love with his girlfriend, Agnes are met with a challenge like none before.

Paul, an upper-class young man, is joining a ‘Grande ecole’ and opts  to share a room with some two new buddies leaving his girlfriend infuriated. A bet is made to judge Paul’s feelings for Louis, one of the roomies that put them at loggerheads….little did they know of a Paul’s new eye candy, Mécir.

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Another Gay Sequel

The sequel to the hugely successful Another Gay Movie. The four friends: Andy, Jarod, Griff, and Nico are ones again at it, this time meeting in college; freer, livelier and more self-assured than ever.

The four Gay young men enter a contest dubbed ‘Gays Gone Wild’ over the spring break vacation, where the winner would be crowned ‘Miss Gay Gone Wild’The sequel to the hugely successful Another Gay Movie. The four friends: Andy, Jarod, Griff, and Nico are ones again at it, this time meeting in college; freer, livelier and more self-assured than ever.

Anothe Gay Movie

features four recently graduated high schoolers who delve into an unknown world making a bet to lose their anal virginity before College. Andy, Jarod, Griff, and Nico form quite the characters! with one fond of masturbating with the mum’s vegetables, another an insecure fit jock , a nerd secretly crushing on his friend these four make the movie nothing less than Totally hilarious!

Edge of Seventeen

The movie follows the life of a young teenager as he tries to make sense of his life and his sexuality. Obsessed and musically driven Eric is vivacious and out-going focused on enjoying his life the best way he knows how. He and his friend Maggie take on summer jobs and are suddenly in a long unprecedented journey, first marked by their lesbian boss.......

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Having undergone a failed vaginoplasty surgery for the sole purpose of passing by as his boyfriend’s girlfriend. He tours the US telling his life story all the while searching for his evasive lover who stole her songs.

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Gregory, a broadway choreographer decides to take a break from his daily taxing routine. He invites his seven close Gay friends, who he has slowly kept in touch with from his work; all of them connected in some way.
Inspiration seems to be the last thing he is getting this holiday, as his friends' many characters interact. Find out what rainbow colors they paint.

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Latter Days

Christian, a lively young man with his roomate Julie pull us into their own world of unmeasured fun!
It's only when an humble missionary group moves next to them that the betting starts. Christian likes the young, cute church boy, Aaron.Will he win the bet?

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Shelter (2007)

A Jonah Markowitz gay-themed film following the life of a white young man who is faced with a difficult life-decision. Zach is an aspiring artist living in California. Unable to pursue his dreams, he decides to settle back home to work and help his sister, father and family as a whole.

During his free time, off work he engages in painting,surfing with his 'girlfriend' and develops a peculiar relationship with his brother's best-friend.

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Love, Valor Compassion (1997)

A Joe Mantello gay-themed movie featuring a flamboyant Gay Man, Gregory who is trying to relive his youthful days and re-ignite his creativity.
 He invites random Gay friends that he has met over his lustrous career at the theaters to his home for a weekend.
Over the weekend he confronts so many issues brought forward by his very many unique friends. Follow the lives of Gregory, his blind Boyfriend and his many Gay friends as they enjoy a Gay weekend in the country!
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Gay movie Reviews has graced us with some of the most recent and top Gay Movies of 2014! They have gone through all from the most romantic, the one with the best gay love story and also a sneak peak to a gay vampire story.
Latter Days, Love is strange and many more featured movies available ! I highly recommend it!

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Bad Boy Street

Bad Boy Street Gay-themed Movie is set up in a Parisian background. If you ever thought the French are spontaneous and Romantic then sit back and enjoy the movie. Claude, a forty something year old Gay Man in the streets of Paris going about his business normally bumps into a very peculiar American man, being as good a guy as Claude is he extends a nice gesture of habouring the clearly passed out American off the street. Keeping him safe through the night and offering the stranger a roof over him and a warm bed.

Early the next morning Claude awakens to the sexy stranger's sexual advances towards him. This sparks off an unexpected passionate romance with a total stranger. Little does Claude know that his beneficiary that night is closely holding on to a secret of his own.

This movie is interesting, cheeky, sporadic and all shades of unexpected happenings. Random sexual partners is a fantasy to many and this specific movie clearly depicts this. I give it an eight out of ten becuase tens don't exist.

Finding me

Faybien Allen is a young Haitian black guy making his way through life in the streets in Jersey City. Faybien suffers from acute low self esteem owing to a homophobic father at home. He is caught up mourning the death of his mother that came unexpectedly at a critical age of development. Without family support he goes life on his own, trying to grow into a man who is Gay in a predominantly heterosexual society.

He meets some Gay friends that temper his low self esteem and view in life. This is a very good movie depicting the challenges faced by Gay men especially during their development into manhood. Allen's story is informative to the Gay community and versatile as it introduces many challenges to a Gay man's development into manhood: gay man single parenting, gays growing in a Black community, gays growing in a middle income family, gays with a homophobic father.

Nice watch, great story, cool actors with a great development of self-discovery and overcoming societal and family challenges.

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For The Bible Tells Me So

     'For The BiBle Tells Me So' is a sequential detailed study of the many perceptions and experiences of Gayism in relation to religion, mostly Christianity.
     For so long The Gay community has been traumatised by the 'holy' men and women of the church, at times to extreme ends. The movie documents several Gay relationships, which have suffered one way or another through the trauma and prevailed. Including a 'man of the cloth' (a priest)

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Leave it on the Floor (2012) OFFICIAL TRAILER

    Think of Gay Ballroom competition, with erotic dancing and hunky guys all over. Think of runway modelling, a colourful musical set to blow your world.
    The movie is set up around a closely knit group of gay men, who form up to make their own type of family. No discrimination, no judging, no side-lining among this sultry group of homosexuals. Trying to make their way in our mordern society, Brad, our starring jumps into it, after being kicked out of his home for being Gay.
     Captivating, musical and full of turns and twists round hunky men.....

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BITE MARKS Gay-Themed movie

A simple Movie with a vampiry twist, it is certainly not the kind of movie we are used to. Staring out with a truck-driver making a delivery of some coffins. He later, down the road comes across two boys on foot. He offers to give them a ride so as to keep him company as he embarks on his deliveries. He comes to realize that Cary and Vogel are a Gay couple who are going through a rough patch in their relationship. The trio ends up being victims of GPS malfunction and soon end up in a deserted junkyard. The truck breaks down and they become stranded for the night.
The climax is reached when they realize that the content of the coffins in transit are blood-thirsty vampires. They hide in truck,barricading themselves and try to survive till Dawn, the movie takes us through what seems like their longest night..

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RED DIRT. Gay-themed movie.

     Unfortunately we haven't been able to get the full Movie preview here. Fret not I am working on it, personally in the meantime you can get the Full Movie preview through YouTube

Dan Montgomery plays as Griffith in the captivating gay-themed movie,
Red Dirt. Set up in a fictional town of Pine Apple, Mississipi. He
grows up in a simple farm life, unawares of the complex Web of
circumstances that brought about his existence.
The movie maps out the emotional dilemmas that he goes through in his
journey to self-discovery.
       He discovers his whole life has been based on a lie, his ailing
aunt was his real mother who gave him up to her sister after an affair
with the father. He learns this while taking care of her, and is contented at hearing that his aunt was glad to have raised him. He goes through unplanned and unforeseen challenges
just as he gets into his twenties; family, friendship and Gay-Love.
     The movie records the small events that contributed to his change
from a simple, contented farm boy to an ambitious young man so focused
on leaving his home and exploring the world. The arrival of a stranger
to his home, only works to help increase his ambitions, for his life.
He is to make enough to move on and his new male friend motivates him to
experience the world, having done that himself.
      Their friendship grows to something more, and family ridicule
pushes him to self-awareness of what he really was feeling . His futile attempt at
confronting his pal about their relation ends up in a passionate kiss that further throws
him into more confusion .....

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Shank Gay-themed movie is truly a master piece depicting life in the streets of UK. A UK production deserving awards. The movie follows a notorious Gang who are big on Gay bashing and slapping anyone who is different from them; from shoppers, foreign students and Gays. Among them is Cal, an interesting young fellow, living another secret life so as to hide his sexuality from his cronies.
On-top of being secretly in love with his best friend, Jonno, who's also a member of the Gang; he often runs off to have anonymous sex with strange men.
His life changes when he stands up for Olivier, and saves him from a senseless beating by his Gang for being Gay. Seeking refuge with Olivier sees him accepting himself and ready to move to France to start a new life. Overcoming his fear and the trauma after Jonno raped him for leaving the Gang.

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Seeing Heaven. GAY THEMED-MOVIE AT $2 (